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There are lots of old unloved homes in the country. Here are an examples of how some very dated d├ęcor and the amount of work required for this type of upgrade / renovation can be substantial.  This can put a lot of owners and buyers off doing the work themselfs.

A large renovation project is not for everyone.  Costs can spiral out of control very quickly.  Builders and trades people often let you down by not turning up or worse start a job but don't finish it.  You could spend hours on the phone sorting out problems when you should be relaxing and spending quality time with your family and friends.

Save yourself all the heartache and grief and sell to us or employ us to manage the renovation for you. We will make your old property shine like new again It can be heartbreaking to pass a property you once owned and see it looking worse for ware.

We provide the following services
Kitchen planning and installation
Bathroom and wet-room installation.
All wet fit plumbing services.
Basic Joinery (New Doors, Skirting s and Architraves etc.)

Services we do not provide ourselves but sub contract out.
Electrical installation,
Gas installation,
Carpet Fitting,

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James Lang Property Services Ltd  was established in 2010  Our speciality is in the following area
Renovating old unloved properties. Private sector landlord
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