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James Lang Property Services Ltd is both a landlord in the private rented sector and a property renovator.  We do not build new homes.  We source run down properties in good locations where the current owner has been unable or unwilling to bring the property back to life.  Once renovated the property is either added to our rental portfolio or sold on.  When sold on these properties make excellent first time buyer homes. 

The Image after work is completed

The Image before work started or during work

All the renovation works are to an impeccable standard.  Kitchens are fully fitted.  Bathrooms are new with shower over the bath or separate cubicle. 

When a property had been identified as a potential addition to our rental portfolio the level of renovation can vary from property to property.  All properties are brought up to legal requirements regarding smoke alarms landlord certificated etc.  White goods can be supplied based on circumstances to be evaluate .  . 

If a property is to be sold on then the level of renovation is thorough, Back boilers are replaced with a condensing combi boiler Old style gas fires are replaced with a modern one, Bathrooms are completley removed and replaced, Kitchens are replaced or upgraded. Artex and other textured products are removed (usually the whole ceiling is replaced), Brick fire places are removed, Wood panelling is removed, Walls are taken back to plaster or plasterboard then painted in a nutral colour, Ceilings are painted white Skirting boards, doors and door architraves are painted in white gloss. Sockets switches and pendants are replaced At the end of the project the property will rival a new show home for the level of finish with the added advantage that, as it was an older property it will possibly have larger rooms, more storage space and larger gardens.

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James Lang Property Services Ltd  was established in 2010  Our speciality is in the following area
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